International consulting partner for expansion, export und internationalisation

Working hand in hand, we work out concepts, a catalogue of measures and strategies for selected undertakings, facilitating your efficient market entry and presence. For specific challenges, i.e. patronisation or legal questions, my trusted team of experts provides the needed support.


Partner for collaborations with intercultural teams

It is a sad reality that numerous undertakings fail on account of seemingly miniscule aspects, such as communication problems or misunderstandings due to different cultures and interpersonal customs, respectively. Business relationships are vulnerable and can even fall prey to lacking intercultural knowledge. This happens again and again, even though it could be avoided with ease. Bring in the relevant know-how and have your employees trained by my team and myself. Together, we cover a wide spectrum of cultures.


Networking partner for (international) distribution of selected products or projects

My large network and I provide you with distribution solutions for selected products and services. Be it systematic target group analysis, personnel support for discussions and road shows, or bringing pointed contacts as potential distribution partners to the table - our service package is put together to fit your individual needs.


Partner for international strategic communication 

As a communications expert with experience on the international stage, I supervise your undertakings in global communications and marketing. In addition, we examine existing campaigns for possible intercultural complications upon request.